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Why Turn to Tech-Spin for Help?

  • TechSpin brings transactional skills, and marketplace knowledge and contacts beyond those within your company

  • TechSpin brings needed speed and agility to commercial negotiations

  • TechSpin brings a proven track record of realizing value in commercialization, in excess of market value (please feel free to ask us for references in this regard)

  • TechSpin will help your company adhere to the discipline of doing critical early-stage triage to avoid overinvestment in propositions with limited likely commercial value

  • TechSpin employs a process based on best practices and proven criteria, significantly enhancing your company’s ability to commercialize its IP successfully

  • TechSpin’s marketplace knowledge and contacts will be indispensable in helping your company’s commercialization efforts be realigned from “technology push” to “market pull”

  • TechSpin will serve your company as an effective, compatible interface with Venture Capital and Licensing communities that gets deals done successfully, with less frustration both on the part of your company and its prospective investors/partners

  • Without turning to TechSpin, your company will be unable to create a Venture Capital model of compensation within its public company confines, in order to attract and retain needed talent to get deals done successfully

  • TechSpin will introduce your company to innovations from outside the aerospace/defense sector, allowing your company’s core businesses to create incremental revenue and profit, and satisfying DoD customer initiatives to source innovation from outside defense

  • Distraction of your company key personnel will be minimized by TechSpin’s assumption of administrative burdens (such as development of deal templates and administration of licenses)

  • Overall, to the extent your company might think a change (or more accurately, an augmentation) of focus is needed, your company’s chances of successfully managing this change are maximized if your company does so in partnership with TechSpin, whose people are experienced in the activities your company wishes to emphasize

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